Satisfaction: …Through Psychedelics

Anika pulled wool over everybody’s eyes, but her dirty little secret’s out. Neil and Grace are busy tracking her down, Adriana takes a backseat to her usual ice queen routine and is helping as best she can, while Simon inherits an angry mob from his late father’s shady activities.


Late father? Then why is the actor’s name right there on screen? The show underestimates its audience a little bit; we know it’s Grant Show, the Melrose Place veteran, who’s been playing Simon’s dad. Why would he get a credit? For lying in a crate, unrecognisably burnt? No. He’s not dead, so he either appears in some sort of flashback, or he must’ve staged the whole thing. Since he’s a corner cutting kind of guy, my bet is on the last option. That takes away a lot from Simon’s grieving – not to mention the danger that he’s in. If the audience expects his dad to come walking in any second, is actually waiting for that to happen, then they won’t feel much sympathy for Simon (Blair Redford, 90210, The Lying Game, Switched at Birth). And then it’s not drama, but an exercise in spotting the next plot point ahead of time.

Big Watch
We had to wait a while, though. It was only in the last moments of the episode that Simon gets a call. ‘I can explain everything’, his dad says, alive and kicking (and wearing a big watch). One piece of the puzzle solved. However, no word yet on Emma (the great Nicky Whelan, Franklin & Bash, Chosen, Scrubs).

Colorful Rocks
Simon’s troubles have always been drama on the side. The real issues are Neil (Matt Passmore, The Cut, The Glades) and Grace’s (Stephanie Szostak, Iron Man 3, We Bought a Zoo). They go looking for Anika (Michelle DeShon), Anika sneaks back into Adriana’s (Katherine LaNasa) house, Julian (Daniel Bonjour, The Walking Dead) appears and disappears, Adriana’s home, not home, home again; it’s one big farce. Ultimately, Julian gets everybody together at Adriana’s. There, he steals his psychedelic colorful rocks back from her safe, burns a few sticks that make everybody hallucinate, Anika’s decided not to go back to him, end of story.

15 Minutes
It’s been a bit of a bottle episode. All’s well that ends well, but it seems like the writers were left with too much time to get to this particular point in time – a happy ending of sorts. Anika back home, Neil and Grace back together, the only loose thread is Simon’s dad resurfacing. They had an hour to fill, with 15 minutes of material, basically. So they made Neil knock over a few things in Julian’s lab shed, made zen master Frank (Tzi Ma, 24, Hell on Wheels) show up for no apparent reason, and inserted a psychedelic experience that went on for too long.

Two Episodes Left
With most of the storylines wrapped up, the question is what the last two episodes are going to bring. It seems everything gigolo-related is pushed to the background, and the only interesting thing left is Simon’s situation. Could he persuade the Trumans to join in, rescue his dad, roll up the mob, marry Emma and live happily ever after? (Doing what exactly, with the escort business being out of the question? Well, let’s not worry about that now, shall we?) Satisfaction has always been a show about, let’s see, self-discovery and self-pleasure. I’m not too far off, I think. But now that everything’s solved, sealed with a nice bow, with only a subplot about criminals dangling, I can’t escape the feeling this season is going to be its last. They’ve worked towards an exciting, possibly action-packed finale, and that’ll be the end of it. The show’s been getting less traction than Graceland, for example, so I suppose it’s not a stretch to predict a cancellation in the near future.