Playstation’s first original series ‘Powers’ isn’t one of the nuanced kinds. Big words, big stunts, big cliches.


The word Power is quite a popular one in television. The BBC had its ‘Powers’, and just last year Starz came up with ‘Power’. One other thing the latter has in common with Playstation’s attempt at drama is the ‘less is less and more is more’ approach.

In a world where superheroes battle against each other between skyscrapers during the day, Sharlto Copley (District 9, The A-Team) plays a retired superhero. He lost his powers and became a police detective. A sidekick thrown into the mix (Susan Heyward, known for The Following), a decent enough boss (Adam Godley, Breaking Bad, Suits) and a mysterious superhero at the other (bad) end of the spectrum: Wolfe (the one and only Eddie Izzard). Wolfe wants to… brace yourselves… take over the world.

Everything this show has to offer is covered by a thick layer of honey on top of what could have been an interesting concept. However, everything’s gotten the ‘more is more’ treatment. From teleplay to filters.

What it actually looks like: a Canadian adaptation of the NBC hit series Heroes. Copley kind of mumbles his way through the paint by numbers pilot, but he isn’t given much to work with. They’ve tried to cover up the lack of drama with phrases from Psychology For Dummies, distracting editing, overacting, the opposite of color correction and lazy writing.

Maybe it was all intentional. We have to keep that in mind. Obviously, Playstation’s focus groups aren’t necessarily serious drama enthusiasts. So if their idea was to create a sort of long segue scene between two video game levels, they’ve reached their goal.