3 Reasons To Watch X Company

Canada’s a steady supplier of drama series. Their newest, X Company, can actually compete with the big boys in America’s TV premier league.


The show, not to be confused with an X-Men spin-off of some kind, has a lot going for it. We’ll list the 3 biggest attractions of this period drama series, set during World War II.

The subject matter
Based on, inspired by, whatever the case, it’s usually a good idea to dip your toes in real historical events. It gives the show depth, even though we all know it never is neither a documentary nor a detailed reconstruction. The ‘X Company’ did exist, though, in a way.
During WW II, there was a secret military spy training facility, called X Camp. Located in Ontario, they prepared secret agents before sending them out into the field. Fun fact: one of the people who got his training there, after the war, however, was Roald Dahl.
(Apparently, Camp X had a very sophisticated telecommunications centre, named Hydra. That must surely ring a bell.)

The production design
The way the show looks, is amazing. There’s never any doubt you’re in Europe in the 1940’s. They’ve shot the series for a large part in Hungary, which gives it an incredible authentic feel. The Canadians have produced something European filmmakers should have made a long time ago. It’s remarkable this type of World War II spy series hasn’t been created by the people who actually lived through it.

The cast
Great actors across the board. Young, British and Canadian – and therefor largely unknown – actors. Star of the show would have to be Warren Brown (By Any Means, Luther).

In a world ruled by superheroes, cops, doctors and lawyers, this series, taking place 70 years ago, is a breath of fresh air.