American Idol 15, episode 21: From 4 to 3

The Idol Machine has almost come to a stop. Next week, the last ever American Idol shall be revealed (until, you know, the show gets picked up again and will be called an ‘event’). This week, we go from 4 to 3 contestants.

Hometown Dedications
It may be the least interesting segment of the Idol catalogue: the contestants going home. You see people wave at them, they perform for a crowd full of people all wearing the same T-shirt, but you never get to hear them actually sing. Probably due to copyright, royalties, etcetera. Dalton Rapattoni does Dallas, Texas. La’Porsha Renae does McComb, Mississippi, Trent Harmon does Amory, Mississippi and Mackenzie Bourg does Lafayette, L.A. After the obligatory montages of screaming teenagers, family gatherings and limousines, they sing a song in the first of three rounds: Hometown Dedications.

Calling Glorious Hallelujah Whiskey
Mackenzie sings ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen. A classic, adopted by singing competitions all over the world. One that’s hard to mess up. Dalton sings ‘Calling You’ by Blue October – a band formed in Houston, Texas. Trent sings ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ by Chris Stapleton (a big Idol provider when it comes to songs). Trent’s been superstitious about not seeing his family until the finale, but now that he’s gone back home, he seems better than ever. After this performance, his family walks out on stage as a surprise. The spell must be broken now. La’Porsha sings ‘Glory’ by John Legend & Common. She’s the only one in the show who silences all critiques. Can’t the girl just, for once, not make me cry during her performance?

Abuse of Power
It’s time for the elimination. Going through: Trent (yes, the spell’s certainly broken now), Dalton and, obviously, La’Porsha. Mackenzie is out, right before the finish line. In Round 2, music producer Scott Borchetta picked all of the songs. He gives Dalton ‘Dancing in the Dark’ by Bruce Springsteen, Trent sings ‘Drink You Away’ by Justin Timberlake, but worst of all, he forces ‘Stay With Me’ by Lorraine Ellison on La’Porsha. She wasn’t too crazy about doing the song last time so didn’t do it. But now that Scott’s in charge, he just tells her to do it. Is this one of his lessons that she should do whatever the producer tells her? This guy’s got ‘abuse of power’ written all over his smug face. I almost feel sorry for La’Porsha. If she wins, and she will, she’ll have to work with this character.

Hello Wasted World Game
After Keith Urban’s performed his new single ‘Wasted Time’ (another country song where the guitars don’t sound like guitars anymore; every popsong seems to have been Coldplayed nowadays), Round 3 begins. Judges Harry Connick Jr, Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban picked the songs this time. Dalton’s routine gets a bit old. It’s just not special enough. His version of Tears For Fears’ ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ is the least exciting song of the night. La’Porsha tries on ‘Hello’ by Adele. I can’t wait for her to do a duet with Adele, that’d be amazing. Trent sings ‘Waiting Game’ by Parson James. I’d say let the producers, advisors, judges, the public, all take a step back and let the contestants pick their own songs, shall we?

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