Unexplained Phenomenon, Unexplainable Episode

After last week’s goofy entry ‘Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster’, the fourth episode of event season 10 of The X-Files, ‘Home Again’, goes back to the days of Scary Dead(ish) Guys Killing Seemingly Random People.

Garbage Truck
He kind of looks like Lurch. The guy that steps out of a garbage truck, kills somebody, only to step back into the truck on the wrong side. The side where he’s crushed to death. And then comes back to life. He’s tall, bald, gory and leaves no footprints. Just the occasional green goo on the floor, with worms swirling in it. Yup, this is The X-Files, alright. After his first victim’s pulled to pieces, Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) are asked to come in. Their reputation precedes them. If there’s something spooky in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?

As soon as they enter the crime scene, Scully’s called away by her brother Bill. Her mother suffered a heart attack and has been taken to the hospital. The nurse tells Scully that she’s been asking for Charlie, her estranged son. But she’s in a coma now. Meanwhile, Mulder discovers Banksy-like graffiti, close to where the man was murdered. It may have some significance. When he leaves the building, he finds a bandaid stuck to the sole of his shoe. After analyzing, it’s neither organic nor inorganic. Not alive and not dead either. It’s basically, well, nothing. So it’s not even a bandaid?

Mulder visits Scully in the hospital. She’s gotten a hold of Charlie. He talks to their mother over the phone, and she wakes up. Sees Mulder and confuses him with her son, but then slips back into a coma and passes away. Scully’s been thinking about her own son. How she and Mulder had to give him up for adoption. To keep him safe. She’s starting to doubt if they made the right decision.

Trash Man
Creepy Bandaid Man resurfaces. Two guys have taken down the graffiti piece – an image of the Bandaid Man – to sell it. Not going to happen. In full Ghostbusters II style, the Man steps out of the painting and kills them. Before walking out the door, he signs one of the canvases lying around with ‘Trash Man’. A little while later, he’s at it again. The song ‘Downtown’ by Petula Clark starts to play and, cheerful as that song is, it oddly enough perfectly fits gory horror sequences. It’s a popular song, given it’s used in many other TV shows, such as Glee, iZombie, Mad Men and in the episode ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ of LOST.

Mulder and Scully get on the trail of a graffiti artist who might know more about the Trash Man. They follow him into an abandoned building. He pulls out a gun, but Scully is still capable of disarming someone just as well as ‘back in the day’. It is, however, 2016, and they don’t run up the stairs anymore – let alone in high heels – so the guy escapes them soon after. They check out the building and find a man in the basement. Sort of a painter/inventor, who says he created the Trash Man. He’s got a whole speech which is pretty hard to follow. There’re flashbacks of Mulder and Scully’s child. There’s a Trash Man model of clay. There’s a lot going on, a lot being half-explained, Scully’s associations that may or may not have anything to do with the story. I do feel we’re going to get to see the 15-year old Mulder/Scully hybrid – probably in the event finale. As in: you don’t show a gun in the first act and never let it go off. As in: you don’t show three dragon eggs and never let them be hatched.

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