24: Legacy Pilot Episode Script

24 appears to have nine lives. There’s just no stopping the 24 hour intensity format. After 8 original seasons/days, 1 tweaked continuation called 24: Live Another Day, the show will be resurrected a third time under the name 24: Legacy.

Season 1(0)
Attached to the project, are Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton) and Miranda Otto (Homeland, The Lord of the Rings). Presumably, Otto will be running CTU, while Hawkins plays a military hero, assisting her to stop a terrorist attack. The first season, or should say tenth, will probably – just like 24: LAD – consist of 12 episodes. That’s still 6 times longer than a movie, but for all you binge watchers out there, it might be a disappointment. There’s nothing like a 24 hour day, full of action, surprise twists and that famous CTU ringtone.

That’s Nice And All, But You’ve Got The Script?
It’s still a year away, assuming 24: Legacy will premiere in January 2017. The script is probably not even finished yet. So in order to ease the anticipation, I wrote it myself. Yes, the title might be a bit misleading, but there is a script. It is completely 24. And I believe it would, if I say so myself, be a perfect way to start off the new season. There’s a threat, things blow up, people keep secrets, there’s a bad guy, an even badder guy, bad guys turning on each other, there’s a hilarious character with a dog, CTU is a mess, planes are going down, i.e. the whole Bauer Shebang, just without any of the Bauers involved.

The Script
As being a fan of the show myself, I think other fans will love it. Check out the script below:


The day starts, just like the very first season, at midnight. Maureen Kingsley makes a cameo, and there are a few other references to the Bauer Era. But the story stands on its own. To make the who’s who easier, I’ve named Hawkins and Otto’s characters Corey and Miranda. Enjoy.


I’m sorry to inform you that the legal team of FOX got wind of my script and I had to take it down. Even though I clearly stated that it was a spec script, a script written by a fan of the show with no ties to the official producers and not affiliated with FOX in any way, lawyers be lawyers, I suppose.

Spec scripts are fairly common in Hollywood. It’s one way for showrunners and the like to find writing talent. Obviously, these ‘speculation scripts’ use characters and story arcs already established. No, the lawyers knocking on my door said, you can’t use any copyrighted property. So there you go.

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