The Wolf of Pearson Specter Litt

Last time, Suits ended with Anita Gibbs, subpoenaing (if that is, in fact, a word) every document Pearson Specter Litt has ever drafted, sent, signed or otherwise. Every file, memo, Mike and Rachel love letter, had to be handed over. She’s not just coming after Mike, but the whole firm. If I were Jessica, I’d set the place on fire. Destroy everything and start over. Harvey and Mike were almost out the door anyway. If Harvey goes, so does Donna. If Donna goes, so will Rachel. If every bird leaves the nest, I don’t suppose Louis is going to stay. They can just set up shop somewhere else, right? Clean slate. No Mike. No trouble.

Okay, maybe not. You don’t just torch everything you built. And you probably won’t be able to take the name ‘Pearson Specter Litt’ with you, either. Besides, what’s Gibbs (Leslie Hope) hoping to find in their documents anyway? As far as I can tell, Jessica’s either done everything by the book, or cover things up by changing the books. They don’t have anything to be afraid of. Do they? I guess it wouldn’t be a show if they didn’t.

God’s Green Earth
In ‘God’s Green Earth’, Gibbs is pointing her arrows at Rachel (Meghan Markle). She doesn’t want to talk to Mike’s girlfriend, she just wants her to listen. And she gets to her. Rachel’s been on the fence, thinking about making a deal to make everything go away (and subsequently put Harvey (Gabriel Macht) behind bars). Gibbs paints a picture of a lovie dovie future for her and Mike (Patrick J. Adams). One that’s more like a fairytale rather than a real possibility, no more matter how convincingly Gibbs is trying to be.

Cash Cow
Because of Gibbs’ unorthodox tactics – talking to Rachel without a lawyer present and getting the dean of the university Rachel goes to, threaten to expel her – Mike gets his alfa wolf on. The wolf that cuts corners. The wolf with a photographic memory and street smarts. It seems like Gibbs has found David Green (Farid Yazdani, XIII: The Series), one of the many people who hired Mike in the past to take the LSAT for them. He must’ve tipped her off about Mike’s former little cash cow on the side. David would implicate himself, obviously, if he were to come forward with this. That’s why I don’t quite understand why he showed up in court at all, as Gibbs’ briefcase carrier. Mike saw him there, recognized him, and is now able to blackmail him.

And so he does. David had better give Mike some dirt on Gibbs. Or else. He comes through. Gibbs has no choice but to back off Rachel. That’s only one setback solved, though. Apart from the upcoming trial, or should I say because of it, Pearson Specter Litt has a target on its back. Not just Harvard graduates don’t apply anymore, hardly anybody gives the firm more than a month to live. Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson) gets offers from other firms, but wants to stay. He’s got a clever way of reasoning. If PSL falls, he can get another job somewhere else. If PSL survives, he has a shot at becoming named partner. As a token of good faith, he gives Jessica (Gina Torres) what Daniel Hardman has on him.

If you were wondering what Louis is doing, if he’s helping at all: he is. Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris) is supposed to testify. Harvey’s going to pick her apart in court. Louis doesn’t want her (and himself) to be dragged through the mud, so shows up at her door with a plane ticket. Argentina. Have a nice long holiday until the trial is over. After showing what Harvey’s going to do to her, Sheila agrees to go. Louis’ first win in a long time. But it’s not all good news. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) informs Mike and Harvey at the office that ‘they found Trevor’.

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