X-Cruciating Pitch Of The Week

The second episode of season 10 of The New X-Files, or The Elderly Files, or even The Redeployment Of The Scully Fox, called ‘Founder’s Mutation’, has Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigating a suicide. No ‘X’ in suicide, though, so why they’ve been put on the death of a scientist at Nugenics is an X-File all in itself.

Original Order
It’s one of those ‘monster of the week’ episodes, an important part of The X-Files DNA, starring a high pitch as the monster in question. Initially, ’Founder’s Mutation’ wasn’t supposed to air. Originally, the order of the six episode event was slightly different. The way it was:

1. My Struggle
2. Home Again
3. Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster
4. Babylon
5. Founder’s Mutation
6. My Struggle II

And the way it is:

1. My Struggle
2. Founder’s Mutation
3. Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster
4. Home Again
5. Babylon
6. My Struggle II

I’m not a big fan of these kind of switcheroos. Sliders, The Shield, Supergirl, among many others, have all done it for different reasons. Usually, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you often sense something just doesn’t add up. In this case, jumping from a massive conspiracy theory in ‘My Struggle’ to quite a small standalone episode does feel a bit weird. However, this is The X-Files and the show used to do this all the time, so I guess it’s what was to be expected.

2016 Toolbox
The episode starts off with Dr. Sanjay (Christopher Logan, Alcatraz) committing suicide, because of an excruciating pitch in his ear. Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) arrive on the scene, collect evidence, even when they’re not supposed to (despite their clearance level), which leads them to experimental doctor Augustus Goldman (Doug Savant, Desperate Housewives, 24, Melrose Place, Harsh Realm). Presumably using alien DNA, he’s treating kids with the most outrageous forms of special effects. It’s 2016, and The X-Files has got all the tools to create as much deformities as they want, but it does make one a bit nostalgic, reminiscing to the good old days. The time when it was just puppets and paper maché.

The alien DNA detail, Sanjay’s suicide and the experimentation on children, all tie into the conspiracy of ‘My Struggle’, so the episode’s not as standalone as you may have thought at first. When Mulder gets the same pitch in his ear, time is of the essence. As it turns out, it’s a side effect of the ‘alienness’ inside these kids, which allows them to communicate telepathically. At least, in theory. Normal human beings just want to stab themselves in the head to make it stop. Goldman’s laboratory of human/alien hybrids, makes Mulder and Scully wonder about their own child. Their son, whom they had to abandon for his own safety.

What if he’s out there, also being experimented on, carrying some sort of alien gene? We see Mulder and Scully imagining what it would be like, to raise him. He must be 15 years old by now. Old enough to be an antagonist, me thinks. Would that be the ‘huge cliffhanger’ creator Chris Carter has promised us? A direct confrontation between DanFox (or SculMul) and their own green little monster? That would actually be something, although The X-Files has never been about big action packed superhero-esque climaxes, so we’ll just have to wait a couple more weeks. O, and Mulder has shaved.

Wait, what?!

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