Satisfaction: …Through New Beginnings

The season, and possibly series finale of USA’s examination of how to keep a marriage fresh, vibrant and (sexually, but not just sexually) exciting. Although Satisfaction never explicitly stated that sleeping with other people is a viable option to save your relationship, it seems to have done just that for Neil and Grace Truman.


Neil (Matt Passmore) and Grace (Stephanie Szostak) are sitting on a potential goldmine. That is, if they can find an investor. The Trumans are closer than ever and are putting their new escort company together. A mainstream escort service, with a website and all. They’re conducting job interviews, Grace has bought herself a leather dress not even Adriana (Katherine LaNasa) would dare to wear, Barry’s (JR Bourne) cheque is in the mail; it couldn’t be better. Until Adriana once again makes a move behind everybody’s back like a snake in the grass, and scares off Barry.

The Neil Experience
With Neil and Grace’s only investor out of the picture, their house of cards is about to collapse. Luckily, Neil had gotten an offer from Kate (Jaime Ray Newman), his former client-but-not-really-a-client. She was actually a blogger, wanting to write about ‘the man behind the gigolo’ – see season 2, episode 2 ‘…Through Risk’. There’s money in their story. A married couple running an escort business; people are dying to read about that. Time for the Trumans to basically throw their whole life on the table, to be dissected by a reporter. Opening up is one thing, but what about Anika?
Kate puts Neil in contact with Harper (Michelle Clunie), a wealthy lady and the driving force behind Kate’s plan. It feels fishy, though. It sounds like Kate’s more interested in the Neil Experience than anything else. Once, twice, who knows, as many times as it takes to write a good story, right?

Neil walks away from the deal. He and Grace are in a good place. This would be too close to cheating. While Neil’s looking for money, Grace has gotten herself into another predicament, called Simon (Blair Redford). Having inherited his father’s creditcard, he wants to give Grace a gift. Just a thank you gift. Just an extremely expensive thank you gift. Actually a I want to marry you gift – a diamond necklace and the first edition of Sense and Sensibility (and I’m not talking about the movie).
Simon’s just heard of the death of Emma (Nicky Whelan) and killed his father (Grant Show) for it – and a lot of other reasons – and he’s already back, trying to persuade Grace to run off into the sunset with him. He keeps on blindly going where the wind takes him, doesn’t he?

Let Him Go
When Neil meets with Harper at a high class casino, Simon’s also there. Drunk. Killing his own father weighs heavy on him. He takes a swing at Neil, but is too slow. Neil goes upstairs, to his meeting, while Simon gets thrown out. Lying on the sidewalk, he sees his father appear. ‘Let him go, Simon’, somebody says. He turns around. It’s his mother. He falls into her arms, confesses he killed his dad. But it’s not his mother, it’s Grace, who just wanted to make sure he got home safely.

And there are more familiar faces in the casino that evening. Adriana, for example. She can just smell where everybody’s holding up. She grabs Neil, tricks him, drugs him, and after he passes out, opens his pants. There’s only one man she wants a baby from.
The next day, everybody’s sober and happy again. At ‘True Man’ headquarters, as Neil and Grace’s escort service is called, Simon walks in. Another thank you gift? Yes, of sorts. A I’m sorry gift. He’s brought a cheque. He’d be happy to invest. And there is Adriana, over the moon because her little Milking the Cow Operation worked. She doesn’t say that, of course. She’s merely there to raise a toast. To new beginnings, second chances and family.

You bitch.

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