Agent X: Pilot

I’d say putting the letter X in the title of your show is an exclusive right for anything either X-Files or X-Men related, but after the Canadian World World II spy show X Company earlier this year, here it is again. This time, TNT thought it’d be cool. Fine. Just don’t expect any flying saucers, mutants or German soldiers in Agent X.

How About That Fireman
What if we made a TV series about a special agent? He’d have to be cool, of course, a Jack Bauer-type. What’s Sullivan Stapleton up to? Blindspot, you say? What about that other one – Philip Winchester? The Player? Okay. Kiefer Sutherland’s a bit too obvious, besides, the TNT budget would never cover his salary. Jake McDorman, then. He looks scruffy enough. Limitless? Didn’t Bradley Cooper do that one? He’s in the show as well? Wow. Well, how about that fireman, what’s his name? Jeff, yes. Grey around the edges? You mean literately? As long as it doesn’t make him look old, I suppose. Jeff Hephner (Chicago Fire, Boss, Interstellar), that’s his name. He’s got the physique. The smirk. Could work.

But let’s face it, Jeff’s not going to draw people in. He’s not famous enough. We need a star, preferably a movie star. An actor looking for an opportunity to break into the television drama business. Who’s that you got on the line? Sharon Stone? Perfect. No, we don’t have that kind of cash lying around, this is TNT, man. We could offer her a credit as executive producer – how does that sound? Sounds good, she says? Great. So she’s in? Who’s she’s going to play, though? Any ideas? She wants to play President? You know, let’s make her the Vice. That way, she can grow with the show, have a campaign and such, that’ll be cool. It worked for Kevin Spacey, didn’t it? Agreed? Agreed.

Now, how are we going to tie everything together, without looking like we’re plagiarising 24? You know what, let’s put a little National Treasure into it. Everybody loves secret caves, historic artefacts and the Founding Fathers. So let’s put Sharon in charge of secret operations. One man operations, because really, who needs an elite team of highly trained professionals? One man’s usually enough to get the job done, no matter if it’s television-logic or not. Let’s call Jeff’s character John; ‘Jack’ would be pushing it, don’t you think?

Ninja-esque Operative
What do we have so far? John, special agent, doing all this dangerous stuff for the vice-president. We still need a villain. Somebody John goes after, but always just misses him. The big bad guy has got somebody equally skilled on his payroll. That’s going to be John’s nemesis. Let’s make her a woman. That way, we get a nice The Spy Who Loved Me dynamic going. Who’s that girl from The Vampire Diaries? Olga Fonda, yes. She could pass off as an ninja-esque operative.

We’d Better Get an Albert
Who do we have to direct this ridiculous throw-together? Peter O’Fallon? Great thinking, I love it. He’s got a ton of experience. There’s no one better to balance on the edge of far-fetched and not caring it’s far fetched, because it’s so entertaining. Wait, we still need to cast the President, don’t we? Let’s get John Shea (Mutant X, Gossip Girl, Lois & Clark). And because we have a sort of Batcave, we’d better get an Albert, too. Someone to show Sharon the ropes, and get all the exposition out in a nice tone. I have just the guy for the part: Gerald McRaney (Longmire, House of Cards, Justified, Southland, Jericho, Deadwood). What do you say? James Earl Jones wants in? Okay, well, let’s give him an unnecessary scene, somewhere halfway the episode. I’m sorry, but we just don’t have much room left.
Now all we need is TNT to sign off on it, but that’s not going to be a problem. Have you seen their scripted shows? The Librarians, The Last Ship, Falling Skies, Franklin & Bash? This one will easily get greenlit.

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