The Fellowship of the Lexicon

The penultimate episode of Olympus, Syfy’s video game version of the mythical world of Ancient Greece, is here. At last, ’Door to Olympus’ puts our heroes right where they need to be; at the beginning.


It’s always a useful plot device when your characters are kind of at a standstill, to just let a ghost – or god, or in this case a little of both – show up and point them in the right direction. Medea does one of her magic tricks and Circe appears, a sort of fiery witch goddess. She’s delighted to tell Medea where the door to Olympus is, but there’s a catch: she has to pay with her soul for the information. Medea complies and Circe enters her body by shooting flame. Don’t try this at home, kids, also because your hair will go 50 shades of grey within seconds (and your voice won’t sound too hot either).

Led by a possessed Medea, the fellowship of the lexicon – Hero, the Oracle, Daedalus; basically the only people in Ancient Greece still standing – is on its way. They do run into trouble quickly again. Something’s after them, so they hide inside an empty shed. Is the Blair Witch going to get ‘em? Time for another magic trick, me thinks, as does Medea. She transports everybody to a white open space. You know, the kind they use for taping commercials, music videos, the gun catalogue of The Matrix and ridiculous scenes involving a dead Jack Sparrow.

In the white nothingness, they meet Hermes, messenger of the gods. He looks more like a huge alien, though, trapped inside a skipping computer program. He’s portrayed by Michael Daingerfield, who’s actually more of a sound booth guy; he’s done a lot of voice work, for example Ace Ventura in the animated series of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Anyway, Hero shows him his ring, Hermes gets scared and – boom – they’re back in the shed.

What follows, is a lot of walking and talking. Hero and the Oracle bicker like an old married couple, Daedalus is his philosophical self, they’re asking themselves why Zeus would put a lexicon inside a mortal man in the first place, is it a test, and why, and this, and that, yada yada yada, and then they are where they need to be: the Temple of Gaia.
Yes, that’s right. They started out 12 weeks ago exactly there. They could’ve spared us a lot of filler, but let’s just be thankful we can finally be done with it. Hero kisses the Oracle – because, as we’ve learnt, a kiss has a lot of power – and the door to Olympus opens up. Actually, it isn’t exactly a door. It’s just that time stands still again. In the corner appears Kronos, the beast that the camera for some reason can’t seem to properly get into focus. Next week we’ll see Hero receiving immortality, or – in case of a season 2 renewal – we might not.

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