Olympus: The Speed of Time

Winter is no longer coming; it’s come. To the wrong show, mind you, but still. Athens has frozen over, while Hero’s trying to complete his third task, before he’s able to open the doors to Olympus.


Going insane
After sacrificing his love and heritage, Hero and Medea are trying to figure out what the third task entails. It’s cold – there’s a clump of ice keeping them inside the palace – and Hero starts to slowly lose his mind. That must be it, he says. Going insane, that’s the way to uncover his deepest feelings. Insanity’s probably the only state of mind wherein you can find answers.
His reasoning borders on crazy talk, that’s for sure, but I suppose it all makes sense in Fictional Ancient Greece.

Divine Sense of Humor
Our Hero does start to hallucinate. His mother, Ariadne and the Oracle show up, and they all want a kiss. Before, when Ariadne wasn’t a hallucination but real, visiting him from the underworld, he could restrain himself, but this week not so much. However, when his lips touch theirs, he finds himself back in the palace room, kissing Medea. The gods certainly have a sense of humor, partnering Hero up with his stepmother.
They discover it’s Medea who’s responsible for the frost. It’s her ‘cold heart’, apparently, that’s turned her into Mrs. Freeze. No biggie; just sleep with her and everything will melt away, Hero’s thinking.

Sleeping with Medea could be a bit tricky; we know Hero’s so-called lexicon can be sexually transmitted. It’s not really an issue, though, because he can ‘do it’ without giving it up. I wonder how – and how he’s come to know that. He’s not able to feel the lexicon inside of him, is he? So how could you keep it from plopping out?
Maybe we shouldn’t think too hard about this.

Open Jacket
While Hero’s getting it on with his stepmother, the Oracle lays with King Minos. Or does she? Daedalus summons the god Apollo on a bit of a wild goose chase, and that’s about it. Hero, Medea, the Oracle, King Minos and Daedalus. These are all the characters left in the whole of Greece, at this point. There’s literately no one else anymore – did they freeze to death? As long as Daedalus is able to walk through a snow storm with sandals and an open jacket, I’d say the people of Athens shouldn’t be that affected by the cold.
On a side note, did anyone notice the white on Daedalus’ teeth? I guess inventors used to have great dental plans back then.

When the team meets up again, Hero gets crazy jealous about the Oracle and King Minos. Clearly the writers were having enough of all these characters running amok, so the latter had to go too. It did serve a purpose, though. Hero’s third task wasn’t about sleeping with Medea. It was about sacrificing his soul. (Medea knew that all along, but who can blame her for wanting a piece of the action?)
Despite having turned into a very questionable man, Hero has indeed crossed everything off his list. He’s ready to open the doors of Olympus. It’s about time.

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