Olympus: Danger and Desire

Ariadne sure knows what she wants. Or not. Well, doesn’t she? Once again she goes from kissing to torture without any hesitation. Is it jealousy or something else? It doesn’t get cleared up, but with a half naked tied up Oracle, you don’t hear me complain.


Game of Kings
After 8 episodes, the writers finally realize King Aegeus hasn’t really worked out. He’s been a whining brat since the beginning, so time for a leadership change. Daedalus built a big construction that looks like a goat’s head. Together with King Minos’ men, he’s pushing it towards the entrance of the palace. Aegeus and his army don’t seem to know what to make of it, so they wait and wonder. Daedalus breaks through the door and, almost single-handedly, conquers the throne.
It’s a weird place, Athena. There’s a high wall around it, to keep everybody out, but it’s also the only way into the palace. Quite odd architecture. It looks like the special effects team of Olympus was more influenced by video games than history – or basic city layouts for that matter.

Aegeus out, Minos in
Now Aegeus has been forced to step down, Ariadne tries to get him to talk. She wants to know where Hero and Medea are hiding. It’s a dragging scene, with the intention to create tension; Ariadne’s a bit of a loose canon when it comes to interrogation. However, we don’t really care about Aegeus, Lykos, or even Pallas. They’re equally bad guys, standing in Hero’s way. So it’s just Ariadne playing one of her strange mind games again.

Every Character in the Same Room
Never mind, there they are. Hero, The Oracle and Medea show up, to make a deal. It’s a very long scene, because every main character is in the same room. There’s no one to cut to. There’s nothing going on except the negotiation between Hero and King Minos. It’s something every TV series has to watch out for. Do not let everybody come to the same place, for you’ll back yourself into a corner. The whole show’s suddenly packed in a single space and the story becomes too ‘narrow’, like cataract.

There’s a lot of kissing going on this week. King Minos and Medea, Ariadne and Hero, and Ariadne and The Oracle. I was hoping for another foot massage, but The Oracle should’ve been so lucky. She gets tied up on a bed, half naked, and Ariadne lets her get acquainted with her favorite pet; a scorpion. It’s funny how The Oracle doesn’t see a lot of it coming from miles away, being an oracle and all. It might be love that’s blocking her visions.

The Door of Olympus
Hero tries it one more time, to defeat Chronos, the gatekeeper of the lexicon. It works, albeit with a lawyer trick. He escapes and is off to the door of Olympus. Daedalus figured out the spot. He saw it when he was flying (episode 2), so he could’ve just thought of it 6 episodes ago, but let’s give the man a break. He’s a bit absent-minded sometimes.

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