Olympus: Minos

The fourth episode of Olympus puts its focus back where it belongs: Sonya Cassidy as The Oracle. It would actually be safe to assume Cassidy’s the lead character of the show, instead of Tom ‘Hero’ York. 

Sleep, Sweet Lady
Because our beloved trio has been captured and separated, the episode’s missing the amusing back and forths between Hero, Oracle and Daedalus. It’s the perfect opportunity for Olympus to show what it’s made of. ‘Minos’ has a serious tone and apart from a few laughable scenes, pulls it off quite well.
But before we get to the good stuff, we’re treated with a very confusing scene about a triple murder. It’s the introduction of a new antagonist, a blonde woman, who shoots first and asks questions when everybody’s lying dead on the ground. She wants to know where to find Hero and in order to persuade an old lady to tell her, she kills both her sons. That makes no sense. When the lady – very surprisingly – doesn’t want to tell her anything, she’s killed too. This must be the worst interrogation in Greek ancient history. Then, the ice cold bitch warrior kneels beside her victims and says: Sleep, sweet lady.
What in the name of Zeus was that about? Anyway, a new frightening enemy has arisen.

All rise; there’s a new king on the block. Minos actually looks like a king, for a change, instead of some dressed up personal fitness trainer born 4000 years too early. He’s got one slight disadvantage though: he can’t get it up.
The Oracle plays a dangerous game, as Minos’ prisoner, but then again, she’s an oracle, so in how much danger can she be? One new thing we’ve learnt about her: she’s a virgin. ‘Her gift depends on it’, apparently. Tough luck, Hero. Especially with all of her new, revealing clothes. Sonya Cassidy has got the best television cleavage in many, many years – and I’m including Game of Thrones.

The Escape
While The Oracle is winding King Minos around her finger, Hero is being tortured – in more than one way – by the king’s daughter. They believe he’s a spy and if dangling a black snake above his head doesn’t make him confess, sex obviously will. But judging by his behaviour, he doesn’t even know what sex is, so he’s thrown into a hole in the ground.
He gets rescued by the worst choreographed sword fight ever, tells The Oracle she can’t come with him, but we all know she’ll find a way to go after him anyway. And save him from The Confusing Blonde.

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